Remote Monitoring for Ambulance


Ambulance services are a lifeline for critical patients. Their job is to fulfill the basic principles of first aid; which are to Preserve Life, Prevent further injury and Promote Recovery. Often, their condition is critical and utmost care needs to be given to the patient’s health as these moments are very crucial. Statistics show that patient deaths occurred during ambulance transport is quite significant. Many times the patient suffers due to the wrong diagnosis, long delays during transport, even sometimes the patient is taken to ill-equipped hospitals. Ensuring proper monitoring and assistance from an expert doctor at the time of transportation can help to save many lives.


A patient being transferred to the hospital may be in need of critical care. The healthcare agents in the ambulance are not as medically proficient as a doctor. If the transfer to the hospital was done under the supervision of the doctors or have access to remote doctors consultation, it will deliver a superior service with better outcomes and patient satisfaction. The doctor may be able to diagnose the problem really early and start the emergency treatment procedures during the transfer. She can instruct the assistant available in the ambulance accordingly. In addition, it gives hope and confidence to the patient to fight till the last breath.

However, it is really difficult to establish a high quality video surveillance of the patient from the ambulance on the move. Although the cellular network covers the maximum area, practically a single 2G, 3G or 4G connection is not sufficient for high quality video communication. Moreover, internet speed varies significantly between places. There are technological limitations on internet speed on the move over the cellular network. Internet speed falls dramatically in moving situation than a stationary situation. Providing reliable internet connection while moving is a very big hurdle.


Natiply Datalink Bonding System can be used to solve this connectivity issue. It can bond multiple internet connections of any types (i.e. Broadband / 2G / EDGE / 3G / 4G / Wifi / Wimax / Satellite etc) together and as many of them as the system supports to facilitate a qualifying high speed internet connection. Even with minimal speed per connection, using a large number of connections and bonding them together can achieve a workable internet speed to facilitate a high quality video communication. Also if any connection is lost during transmission this will not hamper the data transmission. It also ensures the reliability of the connection which is needed most in doctors surveillance of the patient in an ambulance. Such performance consistency is crucial for ambulance services to thrive.


The value of even a single soul is priceless. Providing doctors surveillance during transportation of the patient by ambulance can directly contribute to saving lives. Natiply Portable Router can help healthcare technology developers and ambulance service providers to establish smooth communication and surveillance between doctor and patient in transport. It can greatly contribute to decrease the morbidity and mortality of the patient.