Natiply ISO

Natiply Datalink Bonding System ISO is the software version of Natiply. It is a software solution to fit heavy transmission over multiple data links with performance consistency and security. It can be installed or booted from USB flash drive on any standard server/PC/laptop or other type of computers. Natiply Bonding System ISO can be installed and used as an Internet source to work on any situation including mobile and satellite.

Performance Consistency for Superior User Experience

Natiply Bonding System ensures consistent performance in multiple ways.

  • It distributes network load among all available datalinks and uses full capacity by maintaining a performance standard based on various quality matrices. Unlike traditional load balancers, Natiply uses the capacity of each datalink and makes that available for all users – just like a single high speed connection.
  • Natiply has deployed artificial intelligence in its proprietary congestion management system to measure available bandwidth in a specific datalink with a standard quality. It continuously monitors various quality matrices to detect any network data loss, delay and inconsistency. If any datalink fails to meet the quality standard, Natiply keeps that out of the pool.
  • If any datalink gets disturbed or disconnected for any reason, remaining available datalinks takes overall load without interrupting any ongoing network activity i.e. download, voice or video call, browsing etc. It gives superior user experience. When the disturbed or disconnected datalink gets back to normal performance, it will be added back to pool automatically. Natiply effectively and efficiently manages handoff, speed and sudden no network situations for cellular network to provide best and uninterrupted service for real time, near-real time and non real time applications.

High Speed and Consistent Datalink Anywhere

Natiply works with any type of data connectivity i.e. 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, Wimax, Wi-Fi, DSL, Fiber, VSAT etc. Whatever the connectivity available, Natiply can bond them to produce a high speed and consistent connectivity for use in any situation i.e. in car, in public bus, trains, ships, airlines, in satellite area where internet infrastructure is not developed. In short, the user can use Natiply anywhere given that at least one or more type of data link is available. If anything is not available, at least satellite services covers maximum of land and sea areas. Portable satellite modems can be used in their multiples to bond and generate high speed and consistent connectivity.