Connectivity Solution for Remote Doctors Consultation


There are major differences in healthcare service between urban and rural areas. Driving resources properly towards rural area is always a big challenge especially in underdeveloped countries. Therefore, the rural medically underprivileged population always struggles to access proper healthcare advice, necessary investigations and medicines. To reduce this gap in the doctors often perform private practices in more than one health institution.


Generally, there is a shortage of doctors and nurses compared to the population they have to attend. This mismatch in the ratio is more evident in developing countries, especially in the rural areas. Doctors from big cities often go on visits to these underdeveloped regions and offer their services. Also, a single doctor acts as the visiting doctor or acts as a consultant to more than one medical institutions in the city as well. All this is done because there is a shortage of qualified medical practitioners.

Such activities often take a toll on the doctor physically. Travelling, keeping up with schedules and treating the patient to the best of his abilities is a taxing job. Also, the doctors are not available at a location every day. If a patient needs to see the doctor immediately it is rarely possible. This is a big hassle for patients as well.

In this modern era, we believe the apt use of communication technology can be implemented to provide better medical services to the population remotely. Although, host of interesting and innovative technologies are being invented every day, almost all remote medical services around the world so far remained completely or partially unsuccessful due to hurdles in connectivity. Internet connection with workable bandwidth speed is not always available. Moreover, only good speed is not enough, healthcare services are mission critical and demand uninterrupted communication. If these barriers can be removed, doctors can serve a vast majority of the population effectively.


Natiply can be used to solve this connectivity issues and design solutions so that a doctor can provide services to his patients remotely. Practically bandwidth of a single 3G/4G connection in the towns and rural areas are not sufficient for high quality video transmission or a large volume of data transmission. Natiply can bond multiple internet connections of any types (i.e. Broadband / 2G / EDGE / 3G / 4G / Wifi / Wimax / Satellite etc) together and as many of them as the system supports to facilitate a qualifying high speed internet connection. Natiply offers performance consistency and security.

The remote solution will be designed for doctors to be used personally. Natiply is designed to fit any data transmission in various perspective like mobile, satellite etc. The doctor can use our solution to set up connectivity booths in the areas they practice. It can be in city hospitals also in rural areas. Patients can show up to the booths and get access to the doctor. Our solution can also provide good work-life balance to the doctor.

Once the connectivity is taken care of using Natiply, the doctor can attend to his patients. The doctor can then provide services which include, but not limited to, clinical service such as patient diagnostics, counseling, monitoring, follow-ups, management of chronic conditions etc. He can provide his valuable insight by staying in one fixed location. This will allow the physicians to perform follow ups or check in on chronic patients with a smaller time commitment than an office visit. Offering telemedicine services will give the doctor’s practice a huge competitive advantage compared to the traditional way. If any patient is critical, then he can meet the doctor physically, after consulting him from the booth. This will also save the patient from traveling unless needed. Remote solutions powered by Natiply will be helpful to the doctors as well as the patients. Remote monitoring allows physicians to reinforce treatment adherence, which can be crucial for maintaining patient health and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.


In this era of communication technology, maximum of the world population is under telecommunication coverage. We should utilize this present situation so that it can be beneficial for us. By using our technology doctors can overcome a major technological barrier to connectivity. Physicians can take advantage of our technology to expand the patient base and strengthen relationships with existing patients. We will empower doctors to connect with patients outside their geographical reach. This will be a very effective tool for physicians who provide primary care, specialist referrals, remote patient monitoring and medical information. This will increase the quality of remote healthcare services; bringing more people under the healthcare umbrella.